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Advanced System Care Pro
Advanced System Care Pro

Advanced system care pro is available as a free download from our website

Advanced system care is an all in one PC of demization utility which runs 24/7 period its automatic period detecting cleaning repairing and speeding up and when you reproducing a PC is just matter one click period

You also get a new picture known as protected tab which cleans privacy traces that your browser collapse during the browsing session does advanced system care 16 protracted tab protects your online privacy

Also it has got plugin toolbar cleaner which visits any malicious attack of plugin toolbar

Advanced system care pro uses the novel system technology which makes your computer run faster most ablee and more efficiently as compared to any other system utility this is of use it the reputation of the world's top system utility for superior PC health

Advanced System Care Pro


Italysis the built in power of your system and does optimising your system for ultimate performance and and running at top speed does it keeps your PC running at peak performance

Use of up to date definition files prevents spyware hackers and hijackers from installing malicious programs on your computer it also detects and analysis Windows security environment Your PC's activity history is also erased

Just one click you can scan and repair 10 PC problems and various hidden security threads

It comes with active boost function which of the mice is the usage of CPU and RAM running in the background active boost Technology intelligently managers system resources in real time constantly detecting in active resources

Advanced system care comes with iobs latest toolbox which contains more than 20 smart tools for PC maintenance and other advanced needs it has tools for system cleaning of demization repairing tools for security enhancement and for full control over the PC system

You can arrest sure that the database is always up to date at all times it is all because of the cloud Technology that the advanced system care uses the new cloud technology and shares that the database is kept updated at all times

You have got two modes with advanced system care first one is work mode and the second one is game mode which means that now you can boost your PC for both working and gaming also you can very easily adjust the configuration of each mode from the main screen

Now the registry problems are easily handled by the next generation registry deep clean or scan Technology which is safely cleans the junk out of you the registry De fragments the whole history efficiently and compacts and he registry notes its deep scan Technology finds and fixes the registry errors that other utilities Often miss

Advanced system care pro works quitely in the background you can set a regular schedule for it to work or just let it work automatically whenever your PC is Idol

The startup of advanced system care is a faster and also it uses of few system resources for its startup it's all possible due to its new UI Technology which is designed for a Quikr start and less resource usage

32 bit 64 bit systems have their source Sports Re return and also a new architecture is used for both it contributes to make your PC work more efficiently and suddenly it also helps to stabilize the older systems

Advance system Pro comes with an improved care module then you improved care module has more powerful clean and Optimisation functions The new improved care module include features such as startup Optimisation which scan and clean your PC much more effectively

Disc Def function is also greatly improved Making it up to 10 times faster than other deferagmentation tools The hard drives are different mented fast effectively and Powerful

The technical support and committee support is available 24/7 100% for free

Release Info:

Title:  Advanced SystemCare Pro v16.4.0.226

Developer:  IObit
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11 (32-bit, 64-bit).

Change Log:

  • Strengthened junk file cleaning to free up more disk space
  • Enhanced privacy cleaning to better protect your privacy
  • Software Updater supports updating the latest Google Chrome 112.0, Edge 112.0, Firefox 112, etc.
  • Enhanced Startup Optimizer to manage more startup items for faster PC startup
  • Expanded Surfing Protection database for a safer and smoother browsing experience
  • Optimized multiple languages
  • Fixed all known bugs

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