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CCleaner Pro 6.12.10459 Business / Technician

CCleaner Pro 6.12.10459 Business / Technician
CCleaner Pro 6.12.10459 Business / Technician

CCleaner Pro is for you if you are looking for a user-friendly tool to optimize your PC`s performance as this software enhances the speed and stability of your system by cleaning up your system.

CCleaner Pro Full Overview

Developed by Piriform, CCleaner Pro is a premium version of CCleaner. CCleaner is a free system optimization tool but with limited functionalities as compared to  CCleaner Pro. You could also buy CCleaner Pro directly from the developers [ If you want to buy direct from developers then drop your email inside the comments section]. Unlike CCleaner, you get real-time monitoring, automatic updates, and scheduled cleaning with CCleaner Pro making it a more powerful and effective PC optimizing tool for optimizing your PC.

CCleaner Pro 6.12.10459 Business / Technician
CCleaner Pro 6.12.10459 Business / Technician

Features of CCleaner Pro

Following are some of the key features of CCleaner Pro that help you keep your computer well-optimized and running smoothly. 

Junk File Cleaner

Over a period of time, your computer accumulates some files which are not always necessary for the operation of your computer. These files just keep sitting there on your Hraddrive, wasting storage space and creating other types of performance issues. These unnecessary files include temporary files, log files, etc. And the junk file cleaner feature of CCleaner Pro allows you to remove these types of junk files and frees up your HDD storage space.

Registry Cleaner

Registry plays a very vital role when it comes to your system performance and stability. Most often, the registry gets cluttered with invalid entries or errors that may be caused by some software installation or uninstallation, etc. So, it`s very necessary to remove such errors or invalid entries so that your computer could keep running smoothly. You could do it manually but that`s a tedious process. The registry cleaner feature of CCleaner Pro comes in handy here which scans your computer`s registry and removes any errors or invalid entries.

Browser Cleaner

Over a period of time, your browser accumulates a lot of your browsing data and stores inside it`s cache. The stored data could include your browsing history, cookies, etc. And this cached data slows down the performance of your browser making it slower to carry out your instructions. The browser cleaner feature of CCleaner Professional solves this problem by removing the cache data in your browser and making it faster.

Startup Manager

As you boot up your system, some programs get automatically started at the booting time. Depending upon how many programs are set to get automatically start up at the booting time, it could drastically slow down your system's botting speed, thus making the system`s boot time longer. So it`s necessary to control which programs start automatically when you boot up your computer. The startup manager feature of CCleaner Professional helps you with this. It allows you to choose the programs that you want to enable or disable from starting up automatically during the booting up of your computer.

File Recovery

Sometimes you accidentally delete a very important file from your system only to regret it later. But don`t worry as the file recovery feature of CCleaner Professional helps you recover that deleted file from your computer.

Change Log
Title: CCleaner v6.12.10459 Professional / Business / Technician
Developer: Piriform Ltd
License: Shareware
Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows


Download Piriform CCleaner Full for PC

CCleaner 6.12.10459 All Edition | File Size: 145 MB


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